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Paternity is the legal acknowledgment of the parental relationship between a man and a child. In simple English it is when a man is legally found to be the father of a child. In order for a man to exercise visitation rights with a child he must first file a petition for Paternity. In addition, if a woman wishes to collect child support for a child born out of wedlock then she must also file a paternity action.

Often a paternity test is required to establish whether the father is actually the father of the child. A DNA paternity test can establish fatherhood of the child and also father’s rights concerning the child.

DNA tests, paternity tests or DNA paternity testing assures the paternity of a child and may be used in court to establish child support obligations of a parent.

If there are no issues requiring that paternity be established, the parents may sign a declaration of paternity to establish that they are the legal parents of the child and accept full legal responsibility for the child.

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