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After a divorce decree circumstances may change and require a post-judgment modification to the terms of the original divorce.

You may be in different circumstances than when the divorce was made final or your ex-spouse is attempting to alter the original terms of the divorce. Either way you will need a good family law attorney.

If you are facing child support and alimony and have lost your job or declared bankruptcy and can no longer meet the terms of your original divorce decree, you may seek a post-judgment modification of the terms due to the decrease in your ability to meet the original terms.

It may also be necessary to return to court to ask a judge to enforce the original terms of the divorce decree if you are being denied custody, visitation or child support payments.

If you are the custodial parent and suspect that the non-custodial parent is earning more money or if you have not had an increase in your child support in some time then you can ask that the Court increase your support.

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