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The Los Angeles Law Offices of Raymond Hovsepian provide their website visitors researching bankruptcy law a wide collection of free legal resources online.

If you’re facing debt issues, our library has a growing collection of free sample legal PDF forms, law website links, FAQ posts, and videos that might help you.

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Will I be forced to give up my assets?

Contact 323-953-9494What happens to my assets?

Bankruptcy Law ensures that all debtors are not stripped of their possessions. Our office will never jeopardize a debtor’s assets.

It is very important to have sound legal advice that can avoid any asset forfeiture that is involuntary and unexpected.

Practice Area: Bankruptcy Law

Los Angeles Lawyer Raymond Hovsepian

About Raymond Hovsepian

Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer

Raymond founded his law practice in 1995 with the goal of representing people or businesses facing debt issues. He has helped hundreds of individuals feel comfortable going through the bankruptcy process.

His expertise in bankruptcy law has been sought by residents in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

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