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Filing a bankruptcy is your right. Many people feel that filing bankruptcy is embarrassing and or shameful. It is important to remember that filing bankruptcy is a financial decision that can improve one’s life.

Many feel overwhelmed by the massive amounts of debts that seem like they can never be paid off. It will take decades to pay off a debt if all one does is paying the minimum payment.

Stop enriching credit card companies and make a fresh start.

We can:

  • Eliminate credit card debts
  • Stop creditor harassment and calls
  • Prevent evictions

Our office will treat you with the respect and understanding that you deserve. We will guide you towards the best possible route.

Discover the benefits of filing bankruptcy

  • Will free you from the burden of a heavy debt.
  • Is a sound financial tool.
  • Can get you on the path of a fresh new start.
  • Does NOT mean that you lose all of your possessions.
  • Does NOT damage your credit permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bankruptcy Law FAQ F.A.Q.

Below are Frequently Asked Questions we receive from Los Angeles individuals and businesses that are considering bankruptcy. Please contact us at our Los Angeles Law Offices to speak with an experienced California bankruptcy law attorney. We offer a free initial consultation.

How long …

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The Los Angeles Law Offices of Raymond Hovsepian not only focuses on the law but also focuses on your personal needs and legal rights. Our firm does not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach to our client’s needs. We pride ourselves in thoroughly evaluating your legal problems and tailoring a legal strategy that meets your requirments and optimizes all your legal rights. The firm provides attentive legal services in matters concerning bankruptcy law.

The firm cares deeply about its clients and handles your legal matters with efficiency and accuracy. With compassion they will assist you in meeting your needs and will fight zealously for YOU. We make sure that you have a compassionate attorney on YOUR Side.

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