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Effective September 1, 2019, the notice period in counting a three days’ notice to pay rent or quit, or a three days’ notice to perform covenant or quit, or in responding to a complaint for eviction/unlawful detainer case, has been changed. Under the new amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure 1161, Saturdays, Sundays and judicial holidays ARE EXCLUDED from counting the 3 day (for 3 Day Notices) or 5 day (for responding to an eviction lawsuit) periods.

California Landlord Law

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If you are a landlord or property manager who owns or manages commercial or residential property in the State of California we can help you evict a non-paying tenant. The sooner you begin the less financial damage you will suffer.

With over 15 years experience in California landlord law, the Law Offices of Raymond Hovsepian help landlords evict a troublesome tenant in a timely and cost effective manner consistent with landlord rights.

For example, you might have a tenant withholding rent and demanding that you make repairs in their rental unit because it is “uninhabitable.” According to California law, the tenant must follow certain procedures before withholding rent. That is why you should begin the eviction process immediately before the tenant complains to government organizations that may cite you and cost you thousands of dollars in fees and uncollected rent.

The eviction process has many technicalities and unrepresented landlords may find the process difficult to understand. The Law Offices of Raymond Hovsepian will guide you through the process and ensure that your landlord rights are vigorously defended.

With a goal of representing landlords in commercial and residential disputes, the Law Offices of Raymond Hovsepian can help landlords fight troublesome tenants.

Our honest, affordable and successful expertise in California landlord law has been sought by landlords and management companies throughout the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside.

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Landlord Law FAQ F.A.Q.

Below are Frequently Asked Questions we receive from Los Angeles landlords in need of legal help. Please contact us at our Los Angeles Law Offices to speak with an experienced California landlord law attorney. We offer a free initial consultation.

My tenant…

Avoiding Non-Payment Tenants

Tips to weed out potential problem tenants. F.A.Q.

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Specializing in Landlord-Tenant Legal Services

The Los Angeles Law Offices of Raymond Hovsepian not only focuses on the law but also focuses on your personal needs and legal rights. Our firm does not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach to our client’s needs. We pride ourselves in thoroughly evaluating your legal problems and tailoring a legal strategy that meets your requirments and optimizes all your legal rights. The firm provides attentive legal services in matters concerning landlord law.

The firm cares deeply about its clients and handles your legal matters with efficiency and accuracy. With compassion they will assist you in meeting your needs and will fight zealously for YOU. We make sure that you have a compassionate attorney on YOUR Side.

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